Fight Night

I got to shoot the Western Kentucky University Fight Night for the yearbook and newspaper. Boxing was a really fun but challenging sport to shoot, especially in low light. Cannot wait to find more boxing to shoot and to improve upon.

Miss Celebrity Pageant

I spent most of last week attending the North Short Course photojournalism conference in Iselin, NJ, but I still needed to hunt for some features for my photo class. I found a mother and daughter in the hotel who were practicing for a beauty pageant in a different wing of the building. Amanda Anthony takes her daughter Skyler to pageants and coaches her through the whole process. “It is great for confidence,” says Amanda of the pageants. “The amount of confidence and self esteem you build is huge.” Most imagine them to be like the contestants on Toddlers and Tiaras (and Amanda and Skyler have actually been on the show Momsters), but they don’t see it like that. Just a good way for Skyler to be confident and practice her social skills.


First time shooting baseball. Looking mainly for a variety of angles and visuals. Can’t wait to keep at it and turn the “almosts” into great frames.

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