More than a week after the arrest of her father Jose (who is a green card holder), Natalie Garcia tries to console her daughter Marley outside their home in Arleta, California from which Jose was taken. He had been watering his lawn and preparing for a sh info

The Wrongful Imprisonment of Jose Luis Garcia

Jose Luis Garcia was picked up from his lawn early in the morning on a Sunday in June. Garcia has lived in America for nearly fifty years and holds a green card, but due to recent Trump administration policies, a misdemeanor conviction from 17 years ago made him eligible for deportation.

Critics of the policies say that in a supposed effort to round up dangerous criminals and gang members, innocent immigrants are being swept up by ICE agents because they take fewer resources to arrest and deport.

Throughout his 19 day imprisonment, Jose's daughter Natalie fought for his release through the media. Prosecutors ultimately declined to pursue deportation charges, in an unprecedented decision change. According to Jose's legal representation, they were contacted asking to have the case "go away quietly."

Since his release, Jose has returned to his three jobs and caring for his family and granddaughter Marley. His greatest wish is to become a full US citizen and be able to vote in the next presidential election.

Before bedtime, Marley lays out her grandfather's clothes to sleep beside during the night. “I put his perfume on sometimes,” Marley explains. “I close my eyes. I cry.” info
On the night of Marley's kindergarten graduation, Natalie takes a moment to herself. Every day since her father's arrest, Natalie worked to see him freed. As a public relations professional in Los Angeles, she understands the importance of involving the n info
Marley runs inside after her kindergarten graduation, which her grandfather missed. She explains that even though Jose is her grandfather, she calls him "Dad." Her biological father is not as active in her life and Jose fills that role, taking her to and info
Natalie and Marley visit with Rosa and Kati, another mother and daughter who's husband and father is being held in the same detention facility as Jose. Natalie made it her mission to help others in the same situation as she worked continually on her fathe info
Natalie and Marley rest on a bench following an emotional visit with Jose. Marley said that she did not want her grandfather to see her cry, but after the visit she broke down in her mother's arms. "I miss him, mommy. I miss him," she said repeatedly. info
Natalie reacts to the announcement that her father's case would be dropped by the immigration court. Due to the media attention and public outcry, prosecutors declined to pursue deportation. According to Jose's representation, they were contacted asking f info
After 19 days of imprisonment and 12 hours of transportation between facilities, Jose Luis Garcia is released to his family and friends. As one last added insult, ICE agents drove Jose around for hours to avoid the media seeing his release. After changing info
Less than a week after his release, Jose plays with his granddaughters at his home in Arleta, California. He said that spending time with family and catching up were his main priorities. info
Jose watches fireworks from his rooftop on July 4th. For weeks after his imprisonment, he suffered from nightmares and sleepless nights. But he remains positive and says that achieving his full citizenship is his number one priority. “I will continue to d info
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