Julian holds Christopher after a bath. Flock of Doves. Pueblo's Eastside - 2018.

Homeless in Los Angeles, Jalen works up a sweat on his skateboard before swimming in the ocean. Santa Monica - 2018.

Frank Phelps at his auto body shop. Kentucky - 2017.

The Holy Fire consumes a hillside. Lake Elsinore - 2018

Divers search the reef of Nikumaroro Island for wreckage of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra. For National Geographic Magazine. Phoenix Islands - 2019

Jadon came from Texas to play in the waters of the Pacific. Santa Monica - 2018.

Michele Weinstein, stage 4 cancer patient, uses energy to heal outside her home. Photographed in collaboration with Morgan Hornsby. Eddie Adams Workshop - 2019.

Jamal and Brittany struggle to raise their autistic son Jamal Jr. on the streets of San Francisco. Hearst National Championship. Mission District - 2017.

James Jones brought his boy Rayjon to Los Angeles to visit family and to swim in the ocean for the first time. Santa Monica. June, 2018.

Derion Chavis before his bull ride at the all-black rodeo. City of Industry, California. August, 2018.

A zodiac transports crew members from the E/V Nautilus during the search for Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra. Shot on Mamiya 7. Phoenix Islands - 2019.

Ocean baptisms. Disciples On The Move busses hundreds of residents of Skid Row to the ocean for a day of food, worship, and prayer. Venice Beach - 2018.

Obdulio was separated from his son at the border during the Trump Administration's family separation policy. He awaits his court date and possible deportation. Adelanto Facility - 2018.

Natalie and Marley a week after their father and grandfather was taken from their home by ICE officials. The Wrongful Imprisonment of Jose Luis Garcia. Arleta, California - 2018.

Three generations of Scarlett women. My sister Natalie, her Imogen, and my mother Christine. Ohio - 2017.

Dance instructor Daniele Johnson at home after an evening of dance classes. Mountain Workshops. Paducah - 2016.

Desaire Gaddy's family lacks running water due to Cold War uranium contamination. On Poisoned Land. Navajo Nation - 2016.

Larry Gordy at an abandoned uranium mine on his cattle's grazing land. On Poisoned Land. Navajo Nation - 2016.

Taneka embraces Jaydon as he starts his first day at a new school. The Hills live out of an Aurora motel and Jaydon would switch school several times before the family gave up on Colorado and moved home to Georgia to live with relatives. On The Brink. Aurora - 2017.

Power plant. Shot on Hasselblad 500C. Outside Detroit - 2017.

My sister Natalie and her Imogen. Shot on Hasselblad 500C. Lake Loveland - 2017.

Jennifer and Cameron share ice cubes and a few kisses on a hot evening. World Pass Us By. Teviston, California - 2018.

A painting hangs at First Baptist Church. World Pass Us By. Pixley, California - 2018

The Reverend Eugene Harding at his installation service as the new pastor of St. Paul's Baptist in Corcoran, CA. "This is not my day, it's God's day," he told his new congregation, after they were sternly charged with following his every command as God's servant on earth. He, in turn, took his own charge with dignity, shedding several tears for Mt. Olive, the church he would leave behind in Lemoore.

Nathaniel works the fields on his uncle's farm. World Pass Us By. Allensworth, California - 2018.

Sunset. World Pass Us By. Corcoran, California - 2018.

Jordan on a swing. World Pass Us By. Teviston, California - 2018.

Barefoot, Jordan leads his sister down a path, carefully avoiding the biting stickers. World Pass Us By. Teviston, California - 2018.

Travis in a fight at the Mud Fest. Drakesboro - 2016.

The Major Reds prepare to take the field and protest the national anthem. Western Kentucky University - 2016.

Kansas holds her baby doll Jovy Marie, who is two days old, at the motel she has lived In for nearly a decade. Cave City - 2017.

Justin is a young father taking bible classes through the mail to become a pastor. Mountain Workshops. Paducah - 2016.

A cockfighter at his home. In a region ravaged by the boom and bust of coal, bird fighting is his main income. West Virginia - 2016.

Pueblo Police clear homes suspected of gang use. Flock of Doves. Bessemer - 2018.

A body awaits the coroner following a roll over accident. Flock of Doves. Southside Pueblo - 2018.

Matthew exists on the periphery of Pueblo's gang culture, not wanting to get in too deep but also knowing he cannot back down from a fight. Flock of Doves. Eastside Pueblo - 2018.

Julian intentionally spoils his son Christopher, hoping that a loving relationship with his father can keep him away from the gangs he will grow up around as a young boy on Pueblo's Eastside - 2018.

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