Julian holds Christopher after a bath. Flock of Doves. Pueblo's Eastside - 2018.

Homeless in Los Angeles, Jalen works up a sweat on his skateboard before swimming in the ocean. Santa Monica - 2018.

Frank Phelps at his auto body shop. Kentucky - 2017.

The Holy Fire consumes a hillside. Lake Elsinore - 2018

Divers search the reef of Nikumaroro Island for wreckage of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra. For National Geographic Magazine. Phoenix Islands - 2019

Jadon came from Texas to play in the waters of the Pacific. Santa Monica - 2018.

Michele Weinstein, stage 4 cancer patient, uses energy to heal outside her home. Photographed in collaboration with Morgan Hornsby. Eddie Adams Workshop - 2019.

Jamal and Brittany struggle to raise their autistic son Jamal Jr. on the streets of San Francisco. Hearst National Championship. Mission District - 2017.

A zodiac transports crew members from the E/V Nautilus during the search for Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra. Shot on Mamiya 7. Phoenix Islands - 2019.

Ocean baptisms. Disciples On The Move busses hundreds of residents of Skid Row to the ocean for a day of food, worship, and prayer.  Venice Beach - 2018.

Obdulio was separated from his son at the border during the Trump Administrations family separation policy. He awaits his court date and possible deportation. Adelanto Facility - 2018.

Natalie and Marley a week after their father and grandfather was taken from their home by ICE officials. The Wrongful Imprisonment of Jose Luis Garcia. Arleta, California - 2018.

Three generations of Scarlett women. My sister Natalie, her Imogen, and my mother Christine. Ohio - 2017.

Dancer instructor Daniele Johnson at home after an evening of dance classes. Mountain Workshops. Paducah - 2016.

Desaire Gaddy's family lacks running water due to Cold War uranium contamination. On Poisoned Land. Navajo Nation - 2016.

Larry Gordy at an abandoned uranium mine on his cattle's graving land. On Poisoned Land. Navajo Nation - 2016.

Taneka embraces Jaydon as he starts his first day at a new school. The Hills live out of a motel and Jaydon would switch school several times before the family gave up on Colorado and moved home to Georgia to live with relatives. On The Brink. Aurora - 2017.

Power plant. Shot on Hasselblad 500C. Outside Detroit - 2017.

My sister Natalie and her Imogen. Shot on Hasselblad 500C. Lake Loveland - 2017.

Jennifer and Cameron share ice cubes and a few kisses on a hot evening. World Pass Us By. Teviston, California - 2018.

A painting hangs at First Baptist Church. World Pass Us By. Pixley, California - 2018

Nathaniel works the fields on his uncles farm. World Pass Us By. Allensworth, California - 2018.

Barefoot, Jordan leads his sister down a path, carefully avoiding the biting stickers. World Pass Us By. Teviston, California - 2018.

Travis in a fight at the Mud Fest. Drakesboro - 2016.

The Major Reds prepare to take the field and protest the national anthem. Western Kentucky University - 2016.

Kansas holds her baby doll Jovy Marie, who is two days old. Cave City - 2017.

Justin is a young father taking bible classes through the mail to become a pastor. Mountain Workshops. Paducah - 2016.

A cockfighter at his home. In a region ravaged by the boom and bust of coal, bird fighting is his main income. West Virginia - 2016.

Pueblo Police clear homes suspected of gang use. Flock of Doves. Bessemer - 2018.

A body awaits the coroner following a roll over accident. Flock of Doves. Southside Pueblo - 2018.

Matthew Padilla exists on the periphery of Pueblo's gang culture, not wanting to get in too deep but also knowing he can next back down from a fight. Flock of Doves. Eastside Pueblo - 2018.

Julian intentionally spoils his son Christopher, hoping that a loving relationship with his father can keep him away from the gangs he will grow up around as a young boy on Pueblo's Eastside - 2018.

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