Gabriel Scarlett (b. 1996)

I study photojournalism, Arabic, and emergency medicine at Western Kentucky University and plan to graduate by December of 2019. 

I hope to advocate through my storytelling. I have documented topics I find culturally or visually interesting and so far my work has examined social issues within the United States, with special interest in stories of immigration, environmental racism and economic divide.

In the past two summers, I have interned at the Los Angeles Times and the Denver Post. In May I will be joining National Geographic Magazine for their summer photo internship as the 73rd College Photographer of the Year.

I have received grant funding from the Alexia Foundation to continue work on Flock of Doves, a documentation of the effects of gangs on the community of Pueblo, Colorado.  Additionally, the Reuters Storytelling Grant and the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar have supported my project On Poisoned Land, which explores the legacy of uranium mining on the Navajo Nation.

I also enjoy audiobooks, scrolling through Instagram, cycling, and rock climbing. I volunteer in a daycare for recently arrived refugee children as their parents study in ESL classes.

Some of my favorite photography work has been made by Stanley Greene, Stephanie Sinclair, Aaron Huey, Sarah Blesener, Matt Eich, Dominic Bracco II, Michael Christopher Brown, Alec Soth and Justin Maxon. 

I'm very much open for collaboration ideas, freelance work or just to chat about photography -- (419) 206-4717.

Photo above by: Morgan Hornsby

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