Gabriel Scarlett - Photojournalist

Gabriel Scarlett is a junior at Western Kentucky University pursuing a degree in Photojournalism and a minor in Arabic. He hopes to finish up by the year 2019. 

He loves everything that makes this job so beautiful and so perfectly confusing: people and story, irony and metaphor, light and color, emotion and vibration, lies and truth. Hopefully his work can reflect that all one day.

He also enjoys reading, writing, running, climbing, and listening to tunes. 

Some of his favorite photography work has been made by Stanley Greene, Aaron Huey, Sarah Blesener, Tim Hetherington, Michael Christopher Brown, Alec Soth and Justin Maxon. He could talk about this for hours.

He is open for collaboration ideas, freelance work or just to chat -- (419) 206-4717.

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