Homeless in Los Angeles. Jalen takes great pride in his hygiene and physique, despite his daily struggles. He skateboards ferociously each night until he works up a sheen of sweat, then–when the weather is warm–he jumps into the surf in Santa Monica. This info

California Is Burning

A summer spent in California revealed to me a state and a people burning with color and life. Assignments and simple wanderings brought me close to the flame. California burned itself into me and these photographs are my incomplete record of a place so vast that I will always long for more. 

California, burn on without me.

The Holy Fire burns near Lake Elsinore in Riverside County, California. August, 2018. info
Although technically illegal, citizens all across Los Angeles shoot off fireworks on July 4th. East Los Angeles. July, 2018. info
As a young teenager growing up in San Francisco’s Hunters Point Projects, Candice Pierson says “I can remember a time when it felt like I was going to a funeral every single Friday.” With support from her two parents and the Hunters Point Family Girls 200 info
A man is baptized in the waters of Venice Beach during an annual event in which the public and members of Skid Row's homeless population gather to worship and be baptized. Venice, California. August, 2018. info
The crowd stands for the singing of the national anthem at the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo in City of Industry, California. "The vision of the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo is to continue to educate everyone about Black Western Heritage and the sign info
Derion Chavis before his bull ride at the all-black rodeo. City of Industry, California. August, 2018. info
James Jones brought his boy Rayjon to Los Angeles to visit family and to swim in the ocean for the first time. Santa Monica. June, 2018. info
A tire fire burns outside Pixley in California's Central Valley, the most fertile agricultural region in the world. Some estimate that nearly half of the country's produce is grown in the Central Valley. Pixley, California. July, 2018. info
Gabriel rides his horse as the weather cools on an evening in Allensworth, California. Once, an entirely African-American community, demographics have shifted and Latino families like Gabriel's have moved to the rural town. Allensworth, California. August info
Obdulio Vasquez-Puac was separated from his 8 year old son after they crossed the Mexican-American border in Texas in May. Caught up in the Trump administration's short-lived family separation policy, Obdulio has been told little of the whereabouts of his info
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